It is not easy, for me, to put in to words what inspires me to paint.

Obviously, my surroundings - the beautiful blue ridge mountains, the trails, the rivers and lakes, the amazing foilage and flowers.  And they inspire so many other artists, too.  


When I think of my surroundings I think of "cool", not like, "I am not very" but in temperature.  Under the canopy of leaves the air never gets stale or hot, it's always cool.

of course the water is

I tend to be drawn to colors.  I always have.  Most people say their favorite color is blue!

I am, also, inspired by, the impressionist artist - living and not - who liberally use color in any way they want!  I am a big fan of many artists on instagram just to see what they will do, next, with color.  In fact, that should be my next blog post - those amazing instagram artist!


I've got a new collection of paintings featuring beautiful, fun walking trails!  I love to walk in the cool woods or by the Roanoke river on the Greenway!  The release date has not been set but definitely sometime in June!  Jump on the mailing list and see the works in progress on my Instagram -


Thanks for all your support!




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