learning to use a palette knife

learning to use a palette knife

July 3, 2020

This week in my studio:

completed 4 new florals, 2 new landscapes; 1 with brush and 1 with palette knife

I worked on new florals this week and landscapes.  I'm still working with a palette knife on some of my landscapes.  I'm loving the palette knife!  Takes some getting used to so you have to give yourself a lot of forgiveness.  Sometimes it is just a mess that I can't fix!  But I practice and practice and more often then not cool marks and shapes start happening.  It really does feel like magic.  Pics to come.

 peach floral painting pink flower painting blue ridge mountains painting


Haven't used the knife for florals, yet but that will be my next challenge.  I've been studying a few artist who do use the palette knife for florals and they are so inspiring.  Check out Kendall Kirk Singleton  Emily Howard  Charlotte J Fitzgerald and Melissa Critchlow.  I can personally recommend Melissa - took a class with her to get started and she is a great teacher.

We took a spontaneous road trip to The Greenbriar resort in Lewisburg, WV over the weekend.  My sweetie goes often to the casino with his buddies but it was my first trip.  Well, my first trip in about 40 years!  Back in the 1980s when I was in college I worked at a girls camp in Lewisburg called Camp Alleghany.  I was a counselor and I taught tennis to the girls.  It was so much fun and I have great memories of that summer.  And we would go to the Greenbriar for their famous Sunday brunch.  Love the decor of the Greenbriar and our room was an explosion of roses.  Its all done by the famous decorator, Dorothy Draper, who was the original decorator!  I won $70 on the slots, walked all over the beautiful grounds, ate delicious meals, and bought some cute earrings from the artists' cottages.  Hey, the drive alone is worth it.  

 greenbriar resort sally j goodrich at the greenbriar resort


Next week is the 4th of July.  Can't go to any parties so maybe a little time at the neighborhood pool and backyard grilling!





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