Welcome to my little Artshop!

Welcome to my little Artshop!

Let's start at the beginning - Hi, I'm Sally!

I've been drawing and creating forever!  I'm always getting new supplies and trying new things.  Whatever I see I think I can do.  Sometimes its a fat mess and sometimes it is glorious.

During this covid crisis, I've got alot of time to just paint and paint and paint.  I'm loving it especially when I have little to no other commitments.  I, also, teach middle school art.  Every day with those kids is like a Saturday Night Live sketch - always hilarious.  You remember those days - crazy, fun, immature, self-conscious, creative, silly, mortifying!  My favorite age - they haven't figured out how to be cool yet so they can only be their genuine selves.  

Take a look around and see my artwork.  I hope it brings you joy!  It brings me joy to create and share them.  Shipping them out to collectors is a little like watching my kids go off to college - bittersweet!  

I have a collection of animals coming out in a few weeks; blue crabs, lobsters, seahorses, etc.  Sign up for the newsletter for the preview!

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