You are a Winner!  For Real!

You are a Winner! For Real!


Long post but please read til the end!

Friends - I am trying to get my art seen by as many people as possible and I hope you can help me!  When you do help you get a prize! (Everybody gets a prize! Thanks Oprah!)

Prizes - Everyone who participates will receive a discount code for 10% off any painting in my shop.

Grand Prize - I have 4 original paintings (valued between $36 and $64) that could be yours!  I will randomly pick 4 winners when the giveaway ends next Friday February 5 at midnight EST.  I will announce the winners on the following day. * See below for the 4 landscape paintings that could be yours!


- sign up to be an email subscriber at ( and get free wallpaper downloads every month!)

- follow me on Instagram 

- post a photo of your favorite piece of my artwork to your Instagram feed (You can just take a screenshot and repost one of my photos)

- in the caption, include that it's a giveaway so others know they can participate and, of course tag me!

- For an EXTRA entry, post a story and tag me as well!

- If your account is private, just take a screenshot of your posts and DM them to me, so I know you entered.

I know this giveaway requires a bit of effort BUT in order to make it worth your while, I wanted to have multiple grand prizes for more people to win and also give everyone a little something as a Thank You for helping me!  

Being an artist is one of the greatest joys of my life (after my honey and my children).  It is also one of the hardest parts - especially the marketing!  It's incredibly hard to get exposure these days which is why I am reaching out to all of y'all for help!  I just want to thank y'all for encouraging and supporting me - there's a bunch of you!  If this goes well, I will do more things like this in the future. 

                                                   THANK YOU!!

Y'all have no idea how much your likes, comments and shares (on Facebook!) means to me!


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