Putting on a Show - Finally!

Putting on a Show - Finally!

Trying to sell art without having shows, fairs, and exhibits is challenging!  I depend on all these avenues to have my art seen and connect with collectors.  Not just any collectors, but those who really value the images that I create.  

 And you know, when you see something that connects with you - it's hard to put into words but you know just the same.  Kind of like love.  In fact, just like love!

I got a call - a facebook message really, from Karen Hall, the broker for John Stewart Walker Realtors in Lynchburg, VA.  She showcases local artists and their work in her offices on Old Forest Road

Of course, I jumped at the chance - my paintings need a playdate!

This week I am busy attaching hardware, applying the paper backing, varnishing and getting them ready to show at John Stewart Walker, starting January 18, 2021.  This year is looking up, already!

So, next week stop by her office and check out my paintings.  If you have been thinking about buying a painting but had some reservations - original art is a big investment - go by and take a look.  And if you have to buy a house or 2 while you're there that's ok, too.

If there's a show in your area where you would like me to show - drop me an email - goodrichsallyj@gmail.com

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